Manna Foundation

About Us

Manna Foundation was established in 2003 to organise and manage cultural as well as eco-conscious, environmental projects. Throughout the years, responding to local needs and the growing number of people living in poverty we have broadened the scope of our programs to underprivileged children, youngsters and families.

Manna is located in Pécs-Pogány, a village in Southern Hungary, in Somogy County, and cooperating with more than 70 regional primary schools.


Our aims

  • to facilitate the development of children of primary and secondary school age, particularly who are underprivileged, disabled or mentally retarded
  • to increase the children’s community participation in physical activities
  • to create and manage programs for social and labour market integration, personal development and training of youngsters crowding-out of labour market, underprivileged youngsters and their families
  • to reduce social inequality by implementing and initiating relevan programs and projects
  • to reduce the social, economical and ethnical disadvantages
  • to decrease segregation in educational institutes
  • to apply early-warning and social protection system in early childhood based on statistics
  • to reduce early school leaving, particularly in primary education
  • to provide equal opportunities to children by redevelopment
  • to improve social, emotional and intellectual development



  • extracurricular activities for the development of children
  • Skill and competency measurements (at the age of transition between kindergarden and school) PractiKid – YouTube
  • skill development
  • development of learning abilities and skills



  • Parnership with MOME /Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest/ and MOME-Line Ltd. to provide opportunity to university students to create real-life art projects /50 participants/
  • Child development program: camps and workshops in the Budapest Kunshalle in 2012 – children got acquainted with traditional, roma occupations, arts and crafts activities to make a common art piece together to acquire environmental friendly and conscious living values /60 participants/


National Grants

EFOP-1.2.12-17-2017-00008 – Zsályaliget Experimental Camp for Children /end of programme 2022 in Pécs-Pogány, Hungary/

  • 1,446 M EUR
  • 18-22 camps yearly
  • 50-54 participants in each camp for 6 days
  • 1000 children per year
  • 13 schools of the Southern Transdanubian Region
  • through 48 months, more than 4000 participants


  • development and redevelopment of underprivileged and disabled children
  • experience-based pedagogy methods (biking, hiking, nature walking, stargazing, trail walks, farm visit, meeting farm animals, collecting tiny animals and herbs, microscopic analysis, analyzing water etc.)
  • applying circus activities as a form of pedagogy
  • improving and applying basic digital skills in everyday life
  • digital skills development
  • arts and crafts activities
  • introduction to folk plays and old, traditional crafts
  • digital community workshops
  • developing logical thinking and solution solving methods by applying LEGO
  • integrating the approach of conscious food consumption and healthy eating in everyday life
  • intorduction to environmental and energy conscious life
  • sensitization (focus on: social competencies, acceptance, social integration)
  • emotional management workshops: mental health and self-acceptance
  • other, ’classical’ children programs: biking, soccer, dancing, interactive games, watching films, swimming etc.



  • Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungary
  • Educational District of Pécs
  • Educational District of Kaposvár
  • Caritas Hungarica
  • 22 primary schools from the Southern Transdanubian Region are among its official and well-established partners


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